Hello and welcome!

Hi, I’m Mae! I’m a Vocal Coach with the team at VocaLab. Welcome to my online booking portal for my ongoing students. I offer lessons in-person from my home studio in Brisbane, SA, and online via zoom.

My specialty singing teaching areas are:

  • Vocal Agility
  • Vocal Riffs & Runs
  • Confidence Building
  • Soul, RnB & Jazz
  • Country, Rock & Pop
  • Performing/Gigging

Looking forward to working with you.

PLEASE NOTE: If you haven’t had a lesson with VocaLab before, you will need to book a vocal assessment with Elle first, before booking with me! Head over to the VocaLab website to book with Elle and learn more about how VocaLab lessons work.

Mae Bellamy (she/her)

Mae is a warm, fun and approachable singing teacher based in Brisbane, Australia. With a lifelong passion for music and voice, she is dedicated to helping singers find freedom, authenticity and joy in their singing. Mae enjoys working with a variety of students from absolute beginners to professional vocalists. She is passionate about creating a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel encouraged to explore their voices from a playful, curious perspective.

Mae specialises in vocal stylings heard in Soul, RnB, Jazz, Country, Rock and Pop music. She particularly enjoys teaching agility (riffs and runs), both as a skill which crafts a more flexible instrument and as a means of learning intentional use to expand a singer’s musicality. Mae honed these skills whilst completing her Bachelor of Music (Hons) in London, UK, studying contemporary voice (majoring in Jazz performance) and performing around the London live music scene.

Having trained with many renowned vocal coaches throughout her degree and since its completion, Mae brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her teaching practice. She is deeply committed to her continued professional development as a teacher, ensuring students receive the highest quality vocal training.

Mae firmly believes that anyone can improve their singing voice with proper support and guidance and a commitment to the craft. She is dedicated to empowering her students, helping them build the skills and confidence they need to achieve their vocal goals.